Four MIle Historic Park is operated in cooperation with the City and County of Denver's Park & Recreation Department,

with support from the City of Glendale and the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District.


2014-2015 SUPPORTERS


Community First Foundation

Harmes C. Fishback Foundation Trust

Nathan B. and Florence R. Burt Foundation

Peter & Rhondda Grant Fund c/o The Denver Foundation

The Pierson Foundation



Argosy University

Butler Rents

Car 2 Go

Garden Club of Denver

Relish Catering & Events

Renewal by Andersen

Rickenbaugh Automotive Group

SM Energy

TechFarmer, LLC



City & County of Denver

City of Glendale

Scientific & Cultural Facilities District



Michelle Albers

Glenn Alvarez

Mrs. Catherine H.  Anderson

Mrs. Martin E. Anderson

Sonia and Chad Anderson

Ken Andrews

Ms. Mary J. Armstrong

Holly Bachmeyer

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Baldwin

Jennifer Barber

Johnny and Eileen Barela

Jennifer Baribeau

Connie Bean

Emily Begel

Judy Berry

Jeff Shoemaker and Nancy Birge

Eva Blair

Paul  and Kari Blanchard

Larry Bohning

Adria Boucherel

Mark and Maureen Bozeman

Jason Bradford

Michael Brewer

Councilman Charlie Brown and Suzanne Brown

Suzanne W. McNitt and Darrel Brown

Laura Bruckheimer

Sarah Bruin

Teresa Brummett

Lisa Burcham

Doris Burd

Robert Clinton and Elizabeth Byrne

Charles G. Cannon

Sue Cannon

Jason Carlisle

Jamie Hencmann and Antonio Carson

Jacob Catanzaritas

Barbara Caverly Chadwick

Patricia F. Cheroutes

Ali Christensen

Kris and Lance Christensen

Chris and Beverly Clemensen

Ann Cobb

John and Susan Coombe

Tyler and Devon Coombe

Brad Cooper

Jim Banman and Judy Coover

Aimee Corrigan

Sally and Larry Coulehan

Ed Crabtree

Jim Carney and B.J. Croall

Lauri Dannemiller

Adam and Jamie Dawkins

Mary and Bill DeGroot

Amanda and Brad Dodson

Mary Ann Dominguez

John D'Onofrio

Constance Douglas

Ben and Laurie Duke

Brooke and Eric Durland

Nicole Duster

Brandon Eckert

Gwendolyn Ellis

Christina Ells

Lynette Emery

The Bailey Family

Keith and Kathie Finger

Phillip and Kathy Flores

Robert and Margaret A. Fomer

Ed and Hayley Foresman

Michele Fratareangeli

Susan Fullerton

Barbara Gibson

Patricia C. Gibson

Paul Gillis

Mona Goodwin

Michael Graham

Elizabeth L. Grant

Ms. Gertrude Grant

Patrick A. and Carla Grant

Melanie Griggs

Bethany Grosser

Hallidie G. and Don Haid

Larry and Heather Harte

James and Martha Hartmann

Phil and Norma Heinschel

Jane A. Heinz

Randal and Norma Heinz

John Hesse

Bev Hiller

Barry and Arlene Hirschfeld

Sarah Hite

Deborah Hoffman

Gretchen Hollarah

Molly and Sean Hollis

Deanna and Mike Horvat

Alyssandra Hossler

Cris Howard

Jim Howard

Melissa Hudiburgh

Candice Humphrey

Savannah Jameson

Charles and Babs Kall

Karen Kanaster

Bob and Mikee Kapelke

Anna Kaye

Rhonda King

Amy Kinsler

Julie Klennert

Lisa and Jonny Klinowski

Valerie A. and Bob Kluver

Gene Koelbel

Jeffrey Konikowski

Mauba Kopulos

Tim Lasson

Jeremy and Ana Law

Jennifer Leone-Perez

Don and Brenda Lewis

Tracy Lieberman

Della C. Long

Wills and Patricia Long

Ms. Carolyn Longmire

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Longsdorf

Ed Lopez

Wayne and Sara Losing

Bob and Ann Lowdermilk

Chris and Marina Lozing

Sergio & Pam Lugo

Anthony Lux

Patricia Mabe

Gretchen and Michael Mallett

Marilyn R. Markel

J. Landis and Sharon Martin

Nancy and Trevor McCall

Allison McCloskey

John McCree

Robin McDougal

Robin McDougal

Jessica McMaken

April and John Miller

Lynda L. Miller

Karen Mills

David and Jennifer Milstead

Dawn Mohatt

Paul Moore

Dolores Moreno

Ellie Nartey

Brenda Olson

Jennifer Oxman

Selissa Palmer

Nancy Parker

Ken Pastor

Pamela Paulien

Nancy D. Petry

Shelby Balik and Bill Philpott

Susan Pickle

Rachel Pidgeon

John Piper

Janny Potter

Fred and Dianne Powell

Jim and Renee Powers

Barbara Hamilton and Paul Primus

Judith B. Prince

Rose M. Protextor

Sara and Brad Ramming

BJ Rasmus

Cynthia & Tyler Rauert

Paul Reimer

Fran Rew

David Sutherland and Mariah Rose

Nina Rosenfeld

R.J. and Ruth Ross

Walter and Melanie Roth

Tom Rutter

Rebecca Saul

Don Schierling

Julie and Matt Schlingman

Erin Seedorf

David and Elizabeth Selzer

Judy Shannon

Heidi Shaw

David B. and Barbara Sheldon

Eaton Smith

Cecily M. Grant and Kurt S. Smitz

Sue Stains

Amy Stambuk

Anastasios and Ekaterini Stathopulos

Fran Sterling

Phillip Sterritt

Marian Straight

Kyle Strong

Bill and Marcia Suhr

Steve and Terry Swanson

Kathleen Switzer

Jeff Talmadge

Catherine O'Neill Thorn

G. Darwin and Susan Toll

Lydia B. Toll

Christine Tomczack

Piers J. Trickett

Susan Bell Trickett

Alfred Trujillo

Linda Trzyna

Adam Tsai

Neal and Orly Veta

Edonisa Vickrey

Richard and Janet Volpe

Len and Roberta Waldbaum

Marshall and Diane Wallach

Craig and Krissy Walsh

Karyn Weakliem

Jane Wenzel

Mary Frances Whitehurst

Lee and Jane Whiteley

David and Katie Wilkins

Jim and Scotty Wilkins

Deborah Williams

Karin Writer

Jim and Barb Wyatt & Family

Adrienne Yang

Ms. Linda Roberts Zinn



Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Baldwin

Mary Jane Bradbury

Councilman Charlie Brown and Suzanne Brown

Kris Brumley

Jim Banman and Judy Coover

Larry and Karen Hone

Chris and Marina Lozing

Tom and Violet Noel

Nancy Parker

Virginia and Phil Walton

David and Katie Wilkins

Jim and Scotty Wilkins

The Wyatt Family


Burden of Spoof

Central City Opera

Cherry Creek Theatre

Denver Broncos Football Club

Denver ChopHouse & Brewery

Denver Zoo

Golden History Museums

Hand & Stone Massage & Facial Spa

Historic Denver, Inc.

Mellow Mushroom

Mod Market

O'Brien Rugby

Residence Inn Marriot at City Set

Skin in the City

Swallow Hill Music Association

The Wooden Table

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