Four MIle Historic Park is operated in cooperation with the City and County of Denver's Park & Recreation Department,

with support from the City of Glendale and the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District.


Pioneer Sampler

Your students will gain a deeper understanding of what life was like for children living on the open plains of Colorado in the 1860s. Classrooms will travel as a “family group” to each activity and have hands-on experiences with the homesteading related activities you select from the following activity lists.


TIME: 10:00AM - 11:30AM (3 activities)

10:00AM - NOON (5 activities)

PRICING: Choose 3 activities for $3.25 per student

Choose 5 activities for $3.50 per student

20 student minimum charge

CAPACITY: Up to 100 students. Larger groups can be accommodated by adding additional activities for $.50 per child, per activity.



1. Celebrations: Celebrate a happy occasion pioneer-style. Enjoy the rhythm and fun of pioneer-era music and dance.

2. Farm Chores: Draw water from a well, wash laundry on a scrub board, sweep the boardwalks, beat the rugs, and feed the chickens.

3. Footprints on the Trail: Create tracings of the animal tracks pioneers might have encountered on their trek west. See and feel some animal hides that correspond to the footprints.

4. Four Mile House Tour: A guide dressed in period clothing will lead your group on a tour of Denver’s oldest standing house (only for children ages 7 and older and for groups with 50 or fewer people).

5. Gold Panning: Pan for gold just like the '59ers – your students, however, are guaranteed success!

6. Native American Games: Learn games that taught young American Indians life skills such as hunting and survival on the plains.

7. Pioneer Games: Play simple games like stilts, sack races, hoop & stick races, tug-o-war, jump rope, race wooden horses and more.

8. Prairie School: Learn what it was like to be a student in a country school long ago. Your group leader will become a school marm or master and can really play-up the strictness characterized by this time period.

9. Quilt Craft: Glue small squares of pre-cut fabric onto paper to make a design from the colors and patterns of the fabric - for ages 7 and younger.


The following activities can be substituted or added to Pioneer Sampler for an additional $0.50 per student per activity:

1. Butter Making: Shake cream in a jar until it turns into creamy butter and then enjoy the tasty treat on a cracker.

2. Jack Rabbit Hit: Make a Native American corn- husk toy which is similar to a badminton birdie in appearance, but played like hackie-sac – for ages 7 and older.

3. Pollinate Your Mind: Learn all about bees, from pollinating to harvesting; from historic and modern beekeeping practices to why bees are so important.  Students will also enjoy a honey stick.

4. Sand Painting: Draw Native American symbols and “paint” over them with colored sand - for ages 7 and older.

5. Woodstove Cooking: Mix and bake a home-style recipe and sample it at the end of the day’s activities – for ages 5 and older.




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