Four MIle Historic Park is operated in cooperation with the City and County of Denver's Park & Recreation Department,

with support from the City of Glendale and the Scientific & Cultural Facilities District.


Donate an Item

Four Mile Historic Park always encourages the community to help broaden and enrich the quality of exhibits and programs through donations. The generosity of the public provides many of the artifacts used by the organization to create, sustain and continually enhance its many programs. However, due to the volume of offers that occur, we cannot accept unsolicited material dropped off at Four Mile or unsolicited material sent through the mail.


All donation offers are reviewed by the our Collection Committee for retention, either for exhibit in the Four Mile House Museum or for use in our daily programming. Please provide any biographical/background information, historical significance, etc. about the item(s) you wish to donate. Items offered to the museum are accepted only when donated unconditionally as gifts without restrictions, free and clear of all encumbrances. If the committee approves the donation offer, you will be contacted and provided with further instructions.


If at some point during the donation process it is determined that the item(s) does not meet the required criteria for the collection or programming, the item(s) may be declined. Our Collection Policy does not allow for the museum to dispose of or forward material to other organizations.


Please understand that while we wish we could accept any and all offers, we have neither the storage capability nor the staff resources to maintain such an enormous undertaking. While we cannot guarantee that the item(s) will be placed on exhibit, we can promise that it will be preserved and cared for as a valued part of Four Mile Historic Park's collection for future generations.


Thank you for your generosity and support of Four Mile Historic Park.


If you would like to donate an item(s) to Four Mile Historic park please contact us at 720-865-0800 or info@fourmilepark.org.


Click here for Four Mile Historic Park's in-kind donation form. This form should be filled out and accompanied by any supplemental materials and/or informaiton that will be helpful in determining the appropriateness of the item(s) you are interested in donating.


Submit the in-kind donation form by email to info@fourmilepark.org


By Mail

Four Mile Historic Park, Attn: Collections

715 S. Forest Street, Denver, CO 80246


Thank you for supporting Four Mile Historic Park. Your gift will help bring engaging cultural experiences to the community.


All donations to Four Mile Historic Park are 100% tax deductible. You will not receive any goods or services in exchange for your gift, which is fully tax deductible. Your donation does not constitute the purchase or renewal of a membership. For more information, call 720-865-0800.


The mission of Four Mile Historic Park is to educate, preserve, and interpret the western rural heritage of Colorado to a diverse public.

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