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Traveling the Cherokee Trail

Children will experience the adventures and hardships of covered wagon life in the 1860s.  Classrooms will travel as a “family group” of pioneers to five activity stations. As the families encounter each activity they will need to work together to complete the activity and continue their journey to the West.


TIME: 10:00AM - Noon

PRICING: $4.50 per student; 20 student minimum charge

CAPACITY: Up to 100 students. Larger groups can be accommodated by adding additional activities for $.50 per child, per activity.



1. Packing the Wagon: See our 1860s covered wagon and learn about the challenges of packing for the long journey to the West.

2. Footprints on the Trail: Create tracings of the animal tracks pioneers might have encountered on their trek west. See and feel some animal hides that correspond to the footprints.

3. American Indian Life: Learn about some of the Plains Native American cultures by using their sign language and playing games in a tipi.

4.Setting-up Camp: Your students will do the measuring and mixing of ingredients of a real trail recipe and you will ‘cook it up’ over an open fire. When the food is ready everyone gets to try a piece.

5. Gold Panning: Pan for gold just like the '59ers – your students, however, are guaranteed success!


The following activities can be substituted or added to Traveling the Cherokee Trail for an additional $0.50 per student per activity:

1. Jack Rabbit Hit: Make a Native American corn- husk toy which is similar to a badminton birdie in appearance, but played like hackie-sac – for ages 7 and older.

2. Pollinate Your Mind: Learn all about bees, from pollinating to harvesting; from historic and modern beekeeping practices to why bees are so important.  Students will also enjoy a honey stick.

3. Quilt Craft: Glue small squares of pre-cut fabric onto paper to make a design from the colors and patterns of the fabric - for ages 7 and younger.

4. Sand Painting: Draw Native American symbols and “paint” over them with colored sand - for ages 7 and older.

5. Woodstove Cooking: Mix and bake a home-style recipe and sample it at the end of the day’s activities – for ages 5 and older.


The Cherokee Trail program addresses Colorado State Standards for History 1.c, 1.d, 2.b, 2.d, Geography 1.a, 1.c, 2.a, 2.b, 2.c, 2.d, Economics 1.a, 1.b, 1.c, 2.a-e and Science 2.

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